challenge accepted!

Thanks to April’s Platform Challenge (by Robert Lee Brewer) — which pushed me and 100’s of other aspiring-to-experienced writers of all stripes into cyber space in search of personal meaning and intentional connection — I pause gratefully to consider creating a posting schedule.

I spend my time planning prompts and agendas for writing groups; and writing about life through nature’s lens. And presto! there’s my proposed plan. Weekend posts – personal reflections; mid-week posts – more ‘writerly’ notes.

Because I cannot resist being corny, I’ll call the weekend posts  “Sunday Sarahnades”; the mid-week ones, “Wednesday Working Words.” Like me, this blog is a work in progress. Expect change  —  hope for growth!

4 thoughts on “challenge accepted!

    • WOW! Bonnie. I am challenged by this to grow a really, truly awesome blog. We’ll see how well this late-comer blooms her garden. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence and for the additional boost!!!

    • Bonnie, first, my gracious thanks for the nomination. I trust you got my earlier comment?

      I’ve just spent a L-O-N-G time reading blogs and choosing my five – managed to overlap with only one of yours, though tried not to – but for the life of me can NOT get the award image to my site. Is there a ‘home’ site for it? I tried copying yours, but WordPress needs a URL for the image; I put in what you had, but no image appears. Any assist would be gratefully received!!! Thanks much – on both counts!!

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