14% bigger, 30% brighter

Not my photo, but evocative

It was cloudy and dull Saturday night, dashing my anticipation of inflated moonrise. But shortly past Boston on my drive north from the south coast of MA to the mountains of VT, I glimpsed the fully tangerine orb emerging past treetops. I knew then my first act on arriving – never mind that it’s 1 a.m. – would be to post my previously poemed experience of moon rise across the bay. Which I would have repeated last night, absent fog.

Her delicious full-cream orb
lured me to her late-night
rising over the bay
her shimmering train trailing
across darkened waters,
a bride offering
within her radiant glow
an eternal promise,

[first appeared in Into the Great Blue: Meditations of Summer, Finishing Line Press, August 2011]

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