versatile blogger award!

For openers, my thanks go to two sister-Not-Bobbers who separately nominated me for the Verssatile Blogger Award this week. Kristi Carver  – “Colorado girl who writes – anything she wants to!”) is a kindred lover of blueberries, creative projects, wine, music, animals, kitchen explorations . . . It’s clear why SHE was nominated! And I am honored that she chose my work blog, writinginsideVT, which focuses on writings from Vermont’s incarcerated women.

Second, my appreciation to Jennifer Chow whose delicious blog she describes as ‘An Asian-American writer exploring life through Chinese sayings.’ What an original way to approach a blog! Her wide-ranging interests and the ways she connects them to writing are completely delightful. There is something for everyone, for sure. Thanks, Jennifer, for your delightful blog and  your kind nomination.

There seem to be different interpretations of guidelines for recipients; so I’m going to be liberal with my versatility and nominate 8 new blogs I’ve recently discovered. Check them out, see what you think; then let them and me know!!

1.  Afghan Women’s Writing Project: ‘to tell one’s story is a human right.’ A brave project started only a few years back by Masha Hamilton that has received world-wide recognition. Read and be moved.
2.  Inkygirl is “An illustrated guide for those who write and draw for young people” Debbie Ohi is the quintessential Versatile Blogger – funny, clever, wise and very connected. Writes AND illustrates. If you haven’t connected with her yet, now is the time.
3.  Common Wanderer is Vermont’s Jane Lindholm’s fabulous blog. “After a youth spent traveling the world, I’m now exploring the wonders of my own backyard” – filled with her photography, life, adventures and reflections. She hosts “Vermont Edition” on VT Public Radio, which she does with a professional version of her approachability.
4.  Jane Friedman’s blog is a marvelously eclectic blend of practical writing advice, essential links for the writer and her own terrific writing. In her own words, “Exploring what it means to be a writer in the digital age,” Check out her love letters to Cincinnati! And read her Guest Post right here this Wednesday.
5.  Poet, writer, blogger, translator – in whatever form, Mariya Koleva’s topics are incredibly diverse. Inspiration springs whole from this phoenix!
6.  Just LOOK at her blogroll if you have any doubt whether this one is versatile. Lu’s RegularRuminations shares insights about books and about her life. Her wit and reach are inspiring to all who aspire to live fully and well.
7.  Met Caroline Gerardo yet? She is EVERYWHERE, with energy and enthusiasm, lovely writing in several genres and kind words all around.
8. Cracker Jack Poet: A poetic snack–short, usually sweet, nutty, with a surprise inside.” And this is what drew me to Sara Vinas: her many selves – writer, scientist, artist, attorney, mom, sister, daughter, wife, easy-going vegetarian, world traveler – loves and words. Ecelectic. Soul spirit. And she doesn’t even know it yet!

OK – almost done. I’ve posted my award; thanked my nominators; nominated 8 blogs; and now need to tell you 7 things about myself. [NOTE: 8 nominations and 7 things add to 15 – one suggested number for new nominations.]

About me:

  • I actively parented 7 children – over a l-o-n-g span of years.
  • Water follows me (more on that in poems to come!!)
  • My dog makes me laugh like a young girl.
  • It’s a toss-up which I love more: richly layered red wines or really deep dark chocolate.
  • My highschool French teacher insisted on calling me “Sally;” my music-camp friends chose “Sandi.”
  • My gardens change like some people’s livingroom furniture.
  • Hummingbirds have taught me how to see deep into the heart of things.

6 thoughts on “versatile blogger award!

    • So glad, Elisabeth. In particular I wanted to spread the word about the amazing work the Project does, especially among this new community of on-line-savvy writers I’ve recently connected with. And – the site has become completely incredible. Loving it! Thanks for your good leadership. Peace, Sarah

  1. Sarah, thank you so much for such an honor! I really appreciate it. Yet, I made it a rule to accept only one blogger award per year, otherwise they lose value. And I already accepted the Liebster Blogger Award, so I’m afraid that made it a year with me and blogger awards.
    Thanks again, my dear. I’m really glad I finally met you and made it over to your site which is very interesting. I will make it a point to hop in regularly.
    Have a nice and beautiful spring’s day!
    Best, M.

    • I hear you, Mariya; moreover, I admire your decision on the basis of meaning. That resonates deeply with me. I’m glad to have met you, too; and look forward to deepening our connection through Not Bobbing. Cheers, Sarah

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