mothers all around

How many of us know the real origin of Mother’s Day? Even had Hallmark existed in her day, Julia Ward Howe would never have imagined her dream narrowed from international peace to celebrating the nuclear mother. On one hand, this feels like a huge set-back for her vision which increasingly seems true:  that it may indeed be women who lead us into world peace. On the other, it is an opportunity to reflect on and thank the many who mother us throughout our lives.

In my own life, this is a near-daily act of gratitude and attention. Mothering is the core of how I live in the world. As a result, observing how I have been mothered and in turn, mother, is a thread that not only runs through but connects me to all my lives. So much so that I will be adding Mothering Mondays to my blog offerings. There is simply too much mothering to be contained in one post, one interpretation, one life. Continue reading

14% bigger, 30% brighter


Not my photo, but evocative

It was cloudy and dull Saturday night, dashing my anticipation of inflated moonrise. But shortly past Boston on my drive north from the south coast of MA to the mountains of VT, I glimpsed the fully tangerine orb emerging past treetops. I knew then my first act on arriving – never mind that it’s 1 a.m. – would be to post my previously poemed experience of moon rise across the bay. Which I would have repeated last night, absent fog.

Her delicious full-cream orb
lured me to her late-night
rising over the bay
her shimmering train trailing
across darkened waters,
a bride offering
within her radiant glow
an eternal promise,

[first appeared in Into the Great Blue: Meditations of Summer, Finishing Line Press, August 2011]

who, me?

April showers have brought a garden full of so much more than flowers. Like many of you, I was showered with challenges to push my social media reach and continue to poem daily. Robert Lee Brewer has sown far more than he could have anticipated. As a result, I continue to push through new ground.

Suddenly I have ‘met’ across the continents a wide spectrum of bloggers covering topics from personal health crises to travel to the daily challenges of staying home with young children to highly successful published authors sharing writing advice from their journeys … I have discovered which media are more compatible with my needs and abilities. And more. So much more that it is hard to know what to focus on at any given time.

Fortunately, time will get me there. Meanwhile, I have been honored with nomination for the Liebster Blog – a neat way to introduce new bloggers. Many thanks to Bonnie Vesley and her informative and complete discussion of our recent media challenge.

The Liebster Blog requirements:
1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back.
2. Nominate five blogs with fewer than 200 followers.
3. Let your nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites.
4. Add the award image to your site.

Ever a new challenge – to select just five blogs!!! – but I’ve done it. And here they are:

Margo Roby’s “Wordgathering” This blog is richly informative, fairly new, and completely inspires me to see how mature a blog/site can become in a short time.

Mary Pfeiffer’s “Bite Size Chunks” Not only do I identify with her mission of story-telling for posterity; I was immediately drawn by ‘recharge, savor, meander,’ and her focus on great memoir advice.

Kris Swanguarin’s “Milk of Moonlight” His background is eclectic, his use of language beautiful and refreshing, and his focus on accessible poetry greatly appreciated. I also love his header photo.

Joy Weese Moll’s “Joy’s Book Blog.” She has already introduced me to books I would never have heard about. I especially appreciate her personal take on reviews by adding ‘thoughts’ and ‘appeal.’

Jeannine Everett’s “Moby Joe Cafe.” Another blogger like myself finding new direction at midlife. I particularly appreciate her authenticity and humor in telling difficult but necessary truths.

Sow it forward and reap. This spring is fertile ground, indeed.

challenge accepted!


Thanks to April’s Platform Challenge (by Robert Lee Brewer) — which pushed me and 100’s of other aspiring-to-experienced writers of all stripes into cyber space in search of personal meaning and intentional connection — I pause gratefully to consider creating a posting schedule.

I spend my time planning prompts and agendas for writing groups; and writing about life through nature’s lens. And presto! there’s my proposed plan. Weekend posts – personal reflections; mid-week posts – more ‘writerly’ notes.

Because I cannot resist being corny, I’ll call the weekend posts  “Sunday Sarahnades”; the mid-week ones, “Wednesday Working Words.” Like me, this blog is a work in progress. Expect change  —  hope for growth!

something unexpected

Something Unexpected*

It is humbling when expectation
leads, its demise casually caused
by the opening of eyes to what lies ahead;
think Antelope Canyon, storied source
of impossibly pink and purple shots
of rock swirling like windblown sand
sunk beneath surface through slits and slots
in earth oblivious to three power towers
erupting upward toward one sky blanketing
the entire Navajo nation site in blessing.

Thanks to Robert Lee Brewer’s April Poem-A-Day Challenge; Day 12 Prompt