what is the conscious feminine?

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The feminine
has slower rhythms,
moves in spirals,
turns back on herself,
finds what is meaningful to her,
and plays

– Marion Woodman, Coming Home to Myself; Reflections for Nurturing a Woman’s Body and Soul

7 thoughts on “what is the conscious feminine?

      • is this where I say, “Oh hell I don’t know,” but i thiink, at least for myself, as I age, i become aware of wisdom, forming and the force of the female ethos or psyche; i.e., the beauty of who we are as women, and our intuitive skills and so much more; email back if that doesn’t or does make sense. regards

      • Definitely, Esther – awareness, intuition; mostly the balance of the ‘both/and’ as opposed to the more rampant ‘either/or’ of today’s society. Stay tuned – I anticipate this topic to be a regular feature in coming weeks. I’ll look forward to responding back and forth with you!

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