on retreat

Solitude of Soul, Lorado Taft – Courtesy of Johntb17 at the English language Wikipedia

“Women from ancient times . . . set a sacred place aside for communion and inquiry, at the full moon cycle, into the state of one’s being . . .  In such a state of solitude we ask what needs less? what needs more? If we establish a regular practice of intentional solitude, we invite a conversation between ourselves and the wild soul. . . for us to ask questions, and for the soul to advise.”

“Long ago the word alone was treated as two words, all one. To be all one meant to be wholly one, to be in oneness, either essentially or temporarily. That is precisely the goal of solitude, to be all one. It is the cure for the frazzled state so common to modern women . . .”

THANK YOU, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, for your timeless wisdom contained in the story Sealskin, Soulskin in the collection, Women Who Run with the Wolves. This is our theme for the weekend.

4 thoughts on “on retreat

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  2. I think a solace, a sustance, a shoring up type of thing, is conversation with close women friends, one or two, where one bares one’s soul in an atmosphere of complete love and acceptance. We can’t solve each other’s issues, problems, but we can sustain, pray for, thump drums, cheer one another, and that is a soul trip par excellence. Women have great capacity, and it, I think, will be greater and greater as the generations go forward.

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