early morning kayak

morning kayak

Courtesy gear-report.com

Ahead of swimmers and breakfast,
slip silently through morning waters
stroke forward, glide, repeat
floating free from routine constraints,
giving up and in to the lulling roll,
the rhythms of the sea.


8 thoughts on “early morning kayak

  1. I really like this one! As you know, I count myself as a mountain man, but through this poem you have reminded my heart of another one of its loves.

  2. i have read 2 wonderful memoirs about kayaking by women – names escape me at the moment; maybe it’s on Goodreads somewhee; but when we, my twin and I, were seniors we lived on Bay State Road in Boston across from the Charles River, where crews practiced and where we walked our boxer and our pug! Kayaking is very healing and healthy!

    • Was one perhaps Deep Water Passage by Ann Linnea? I read it some years back, found it extremely interesting. My daughter was captain of her crew team at Tufts – rowed at HOTC!!! Can’t say I’m a pro, but I DO love the stillness of the water, the silence, the amazing views of birds and shoreline. Thanks for stopping by.

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