Sunday again!

Partial shot of cedar grove

This being on vacation is creating havoc with my attempts at regular posting!! And so Sunday rolls ’round again, and my thoughts turn to one of the most peaceful spots I’ve discovered in my Westport, MA neighborhood. A place I’ve named . . .
You know it’s a temple by the hush
beneath the tattered canopy of ancient cedars,
their flaky barked trunks twisting
entwined, a dance of age and truth

leaning, swaying, bowing, praying
for the survival of each, of all
in this communal hall, each snaking
tree coiled up, around, grounded

on the brink where tides whittle bank
and winds erode limbs; yet
standing still, swayed to the tune
of eons, they gather, invite

the seeker to sit on stone slabs
solid on grass, to savor both stillness
and wisdom writ wider
than the splendor of this sacred space.

*First published in Into the Great Blue: Meditations of Summer, Finishing Line Press, August 2011.

2 thoughts on “Sunday again!

    • Thanks for sharing that, Lynn! It’s a favorite place for me, that’s for sure. And now that the river is in clearer view thanks to some judicious clearing, it is even more spiritually satisfying.

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