a nod to a nod

So I’ll admit it: my ego gets revved up when someone actually notices/likes/comments in a positive way about my writing. Or my work. This is no exception. My ever so lovely AND inspiring writer colleague/friend, Jeannine Bergers Everett of MobyJoeCafe, has named me among her picks for two blogging awards which I add with pride to my sidebar.

Ever since I started this blog last April – as in seriously paying attention to its form, content, and regular feeding – I have become more aware of the nuances of others’ blogs. Let me see if you agree that the following also deserve mention as LOVELY and INSPIRING:

Jena Strong introduced me to blogging. She worked on early posts in a class she took with me. Now she has an inspiring blog, a memoir, striking photos and raw, to the heart writing that will knock your socks off.

Beth Lodge-Rigal is a sister facilitator of Women Writing for (a) Change, which she does with panache and deep soulful spirit in Bloomington, IN. Her school’s blog is a work of beauty, consciousness, relevance and community.

Phebe Beiser is another WWf(a)C sister, whose blog, The Goddess Babe has, like Phebe herself, opened my eyes and heart to cultures outside my own with gentle humor, humility and passionate intensity.

And Mary Pierce Brosmer, fierce feminist, vivacious visionary, loved leader and wise woman extraordinaire – visit her site, learn about how she is changing lives, and see what you think. Have I made good choices here, or what?!!!

Far harder is to find another 7 things you don’t yet know about me. Perhaps this is the time to change that particular challenge that accompanies the award . . .

1. I came this close to being the ‘am’ in a pro-am Latin dance competition partnership.
2. I love fresh blueberries; but do NOT like them in any other form.
3. My favorite ‘success’ is extended foreign travel with one small bag. Period.
4. Dark chocolate is definitely one of my major food groups. Yours too?
5.  To me a recipe is only a suggestion.
6. ‘If only’ and ‘I wish’ are banned phrases around here.
7. My daughter just taught me how to use some of the many fun features on my point-and-shoot camera. After all this time!!!

And there you have it. Do visit my nominations. And let me know who you would nominate for the lovely and inspiring blogging awards??

4 thoughts on “a nod to a nod

  1. Thank you for this honor! I too love the synchronicity, and how we never know how or where our encounters will grow. Really magical. And I’m so happy you discovered blogging–this space is lovely. xoxo Jena

  2. I am honored to be on your list, Sarah. Just now ready to do my ‘assignment’ and share, too. Thank you & keep on blogging! Phebe

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