like a tree in the wind

I’ve been having fun collaborating poetically with Jeannine B. Everett, whom I fortunately met during the April Platform Challenge I’ve mentioned many times previously. She and I have apparently been on a similar journey these days. What first brought up the idea of pair-writing was our respective inquiries into dualities and paradox. As you’ll see, this one relates to being grounded while also being able to flex. And as before, this one follows the form of a pantoum.

Our joint writing prompts and process have been so rich to date, we’ve decided to offer ‘Two Selves Tuesday’ postings from time to time as we explore a variety of ways to write together at a distance. I can already feel a branching out into new forms . . .

Like a tree in the wind
strong-rooted yet lithe
keeping time to life’s music
standing true to myself

Strong-rooted yet lithe
spread my sheltering arms
standing true to myself
with compassion and love

Spread my sheltering arms
my golden leaves dancing.
With compassion and love
I reach towards the sun.

With golden leaves dancing
the drumbeat of my heart,
I reach towards the sun
like a bird on the wing.

The drumbeat of my heart
keeps time to life’s music
like a bird on the wing,
like a tree in the wind.

Words by Jeannine B. Everett and Sarah W. Bartlett

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