happy birthday, women writing for (a) change!

It has been my intention to post something each Friday relating to the conscious feminine. My introduction to that concept – as a practice in paradoxical living, as a path to claiming my own feminine nature, as a parental model for child-bearing – started two decades back with Women Writing for (a) Change. It seems fitting to devote today’s post to this incredible entity on her 21st birthday.

In a letter just-penned to my writing sisters, I wrote: “Tomorrow you all will gather to celebrate the maturity of Women Writing for (a) Change, without which I can no more imagine my life than without my children.

We each have our own story of how we came to be part of this sisterhood; what it has meant to our individual journey; how it has impacted the lives with which we intersect and interact; where we are with it now in our own life. I imagine you all sharing some of these stories as you gather in Cincinnati tomorrow to celebrate the coming –of – age of the unfolded and manifested vision-turned-movement that started with Mary Pierce Brosmer; and has evolved into recognizable offspring across the country.

There is of course far more to say than space or time allow. I want to let you know, each and every one of you – and others whose current email addresses I have lost, though not the memories of wonderful sharings through classes, retreats, life passages, and more — that I carry you in my heart; you are part of the fabric of my every day, my creativity, my gratitude. Blessings on you. And particular gratitude for my younger-sister (!) Mary, for wisdom, perseverance, and belief in herself, in us.

I wish I could be among you in body. Know that my heart and spirit hover in your midst. I long to witness this milestone and will need to content myself with doing so in the bits you may be able to share after the fact.

In closing, I share a piece written following Vermont’s first read-around in 2004 – an event replete with candlelight, festive fabric and a decidedly séance-like quality in the musty basement of an unused church – which prompted one guest to make a comment about the faith-based nature of our work. Faith it is – in the ability for the sacred, the both/and to live in each us for a healed and healthy world.

Psalm of the Faith
Mary is our foundress; we shall not want.
She passeth us the lighted candle:
she leadeth us into the deep feminine
where we explore our souls:
she openeth the path of consciousness
for all of our sakes.

Yea, though I write
through the shadow
side of my psyche,
I will fear no harm
for she is with me;

her vision and her style, they comfort me.
She preparest a circle in our midst
to hold difference and the grace of great things;
she annointest our minds with poems;
our pens floweth onward.

Surely self-expression and community
shall connect all the days of our lives;
and we will be grateful
for Mary’s vision and faith


your turn!

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