Credit: Deborah Koff-Chapin

Her luminous gray eyes, firm
arms outstretched to break the fall
into self-loathing – Kindness;
wavy black hair hanging loose
yet serene, a playful wisp escaping
at the temple – Kindness; her easy smile
and intent listening to encourage
the doubting, lost and seeking.

Kindness lives, I think, in the woods,
grounded in seasoned wisdom,
deep-rooted in the core of life,
her cycles one with Mother.

Kindness lives, too, in the rolling ocean,
her eyes mirroring moon phases, skin
translucent mother of pearl, aglow as she
mermaid-flips across the surf buoyed and light
as a memoried beach day, eternal and true.

Kindness lives in air, on the in and out
of every breath; flows around feeling, gives
voice to the possible, reminds
us to choose; she glides, slides, invisible
yet present in every moment.

Kindness lives in fire
forged of wisdom, her flame
drawing us onward when the way
is dark, the path alight with her
strength and example.

Only Kindness tucks us in at night, opens
our morning eyes with wonder
and gratitude for the gifts of each day,
blessing us along our way.


your turn!

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