feeding hunger and hope

orion magazine nov/dec 2012

orion magazine
nov/dec 2012

“The two foundational myths of Western consciousness are:
        1. We are all separate – from each other and from everything else in existence.
        2.  Scarcity is the nature of the universe.
Such a consciousness unavoidably creates the world in which we live – hypercompetitive and fear based.

Western physics has arrived where metaphysics (East and West) has been for millenia – everything in existence is connected with everything else. .  . “ Lloyd Hansen commenting on David Sobel’s “Feed the Hunger,” Orion Magazine, November/December 2012.

Sobel’s article discusses the heroic quest in today’s context of a changing and unpredictable environment – the ‘changed enemy’ of ancient archetypal rites of passage. Weaving themes from currently-popular The Hunger Games and Life as we Knew It, he leads us through the tangle of dystopian literature, including how it feeds our hunger for resilience and hope.

As one who only recently – and, I’ll admit, reluctantly – consented to watch “The Hunger Games,” I highly recommend this provocative article for its timeliness on so many levels.

clearcut - orion magazinenov/dec 2012

clearcut – orion magazine
nov/dec 2012

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