sandbill sentry

credit: sdakotabirds

credit: sdakotabirds

We’ve seen them each morning, the few ragged
Canada geese flocking for mid-winter warmth,
their sentry craning his juvenile gray neck, stuttering
his crane-billed alarm; the entire crew
taking measured flight amid honked fright,
an unlikely family fleeing to shared safety.


4 thoughts on “sandbill sentry

    • Hey, Rita! Looks like you’ve spent some time perusing my site – thanks! This was so amazing, the juvenile sandbill crane hanging around with a flock of canada geese. Everytime we got near (or more precisely Loki) he warned the others with a most incredible call (google it, it’s distinctive) and they all took off together. Happened several days running. I think there might be an ‘ugly duckling’ story in there!!!

      • Yes, I have been randomly reading through your work on the site and really enjoying it. I will try to comment more. Cool story about the crane.

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