circling the fire

fire at the center of the circle

the flame of inspiration

We huddled close as wind rose, pelting rain hard overhead. Our feet nearly touched at fire’s edge as we circled still tighter together. Was that possible? After four months together around this same flame – the one we first eyed with suspicion, the one we longed for between gatherings, the one that inspired us, woke us up, whispered the necessary permissions – here we were at our final gathering.

Words swirled about us, savored from souls stirred inward and onward by silence beneath pounding rain. Or was that our collective heart? Our words prevailed over storm, goodwill over good sense. We stayed later than expected in our own intensity of focused feeling feedback.

And then, one final round of blessings basked in new-found silence. The storm passed, our stories spent, our hearts stirred by the stunning strains of our voices found and shared, we bid farewell into the silence of the stilled storm.

May your going forth be filled with wondrous words

to lead you deep and return you safely home.

6 thoughts on “circling the fire

    • For sure, Sara. Are you familiar with John O’Donohue’s poem, “For the Traveler”? We had read it at the start of our final meeting for the year, so the spirit of his writing was still very present in the room!

    • Funny you mention J O’D, Willowmarie. For our opening poem that night I read ‘For the Traveler.’ So powerful, like all his work; it felt like the perfect send-off to summer from an intense four months of writing and deepening together in community. I’m a huge fan of his, as I gather you are, too!! Thanks for stopping by.

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