may woodland flower gallery

This gallery contains May’s woodland flowers – after trout lily, dutchman’s’ breeches, and violets were past – when I got the idea of photographing a month’s worth of spring wildflowers in Vermont.

Can you identify them?  Name Those Blossoms by number in your comments!!!
HINT: #1 is in its final form, rarely seen like this . . .

6 thoughts on “may woodland flower gallery

  1. Number 4 is a lady’s slipper! My guess for 5 is wild strawberry, and 8 looks like a variety of trillium. Is 11 a forget-me-not?

    • You are right on, Josh! 8 is a white trillium-turned-deep-pink, as they do late-bloom. A dark red variety seems to grow on Mt Mansfield but not in RedRocks. As for the forget-me-nots – for some odd reason they proliferated at the rocky edge of the woods in this originally dry spring. Some have made a new home in our house gardens 🙂

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