taking it easy

Josh and Kate

the happy couple

My son is getting married next Saturday. He’s probably the one who should be taking a few days off. But I’m the one hanging out by the ocean with my two daughters and a close friend.making garden beds 1

They assembled five raised garden beds for me – my dream of permanent rhubarb, asparagus and raspberries to complement my husband’s dream fruit orchard now underway. This involved constructing the cedar beds themselves and preparing the ground beneath. How seamlessly each young woman found her niche in this cooperative effort. While I took it easy.

 at the crowbarIn one spot preparation required evicting a boulder from underground. This is New England, after all. I took it easy, capturing the deed.

Now the sun is getting ready to set, the largest moon about to rise. In a couple of hours’ time, my girls and I shall gather by the water’s edge to take it all in.

Taking it easy.pre-sunset

7 thoughts on “taking it easy

    • Rhubarb rocks, no doubt about it!! And thanks yes, the wedding was simply lovely. Got back to find some of the beds washed out . . . guess we have a bit more work ahead πŸ™‚

  1. That is so wonderful, what a giving family and friends to help you with all that garden work and help you realize your growing dreams πŸ™‚ Happy Wedding!

    • Thanks much, Sara. Yes, I have a remarkable family – so lucky!!! Looking forward to seeing/having them ALL together next weekend. So many have yet to actually meet one another, even after all these years . . . Fun times ahead πŸ™‚

  2. You captured the spirit of the weekend so well. I look forward to seeing the results, both in the yard and in you.

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