drawn to sculpture


bronze sculpture of woman

“Cascade,” by Victoria McGeoch

Daily Prompt: Artist’s Eye – Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you?


She stood there as my searching eye
swept over and around the many
sculpted forms fashioned to flow

like Cascade, each smooth
curve of her speaking a sensuality
not often found in the harsh shine of bronze,

head bowed in genial greeting, hands
behind an arched back artful as
a swan’s dignified nobility

and flair, her rippling gown
a swirling wave before her,
a leap of faith into grace,

a gentle sway of soft surrender
to the force from which she emerged,
artistry finessed by vision forever

merged with form, grounded like myself
newly pegged, old bone to new shaft,
ready to roll upon the rock on which I now stand firm.


10 thoughts on “drawn to sculpture

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  5. Gorgeous!! I love sculpture. And that is an amazing piece. Inspired some beautiful poetry too 🙂

    Just recently saw Venus di Milo in person–wow, it’s like a spirit emanates from her.

    • Right? When I turned the corner and saw The David last fall in Florence, I was literally struck dumb. Such power!!! Interesting story about Victoria (the artist of this piece): I met her through her work and later learned that she was the high-school classmate of one of my high-school classmate’s daughters!! Turns out she has had this artistic bent since childhood. Love things like that!!!

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    • Last October I visited Florence for the first time, and couldn’t tear myself away from the sculpture. Much more intriguing to me than 2-D painting. . . Thanks for the visit!

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