why women write

The boundaries of what has been considered the feminine world are systematically revised and refigured through our story-telling and the creation of our own narratives.

photo from incarcerated women's writing group, VT

writing inside VT;
credit – burlington free press

And isn’t that precisely the point?!!! We write to connect to one another, affirm our experience, learn that we are not alone in our life, our world. This age-old snarl of women’s words, women’s experience, women’s history continues to tangle and unwind year by year. Writing by writing. Woman by woman.

So let the unwinding begin with words  from Gina Barreca:

Women write from a commitment to the idea that words, as much as actions, have consequences.  Naming—defining the world through words—has power over the universe and draws the universe into every life.  Women have a particular and complex relationship to language; because they have for so long been barred from acting on their ambitions or rebellions, they have turned to language as a way of dealing with and influencing the world.

We create, construct and tell our stories to own them.

What are some of the reasons YOU write? Please share in the comments, below.

8 thoughts on “why women write

  1. I write because if I don’t pressure builds inside of me until I feel like I’m going to pop–and because I love connecting with others–I used to really focus on getting published, and after the initial “Wahoo!” I found that just talking with the poetic community was much more satisfying. There’s so much joy in reading and sharing poetry. It’s a daily blessing:-)

  2. I write to express myself. To create a world that I control. To put into words things that I have trouble saying. To experience that joyful feeling of thinking of THAT word that perfectly encapsulates what you want to say. To create something. To record something. To be proud of something. For many, many reasons… 🙂

  3. I write to connect my heart to my head through my pen or keyboard. Because I’m more of the ‘analytical’ and introvert type personality I feel that with writing, and sharing that writing, that I’m living more fully.
    As a regular reader I know that you have so much to say that resonates with me. It’s because of that fact that I ‘tagged’ you in a blog hop and asked readers to check out your blog.

    • And I resonate with your words, Monica – here, for instance, ‘living more fully.’ Didn’t Anais Nin say we write to experience life twice?!! And thanks, too, for the ‘tag.’ I hope to get to my response post this afternoon.

  4. I write because sometimes it is the only way I can completely express what I am feeling. Somedays, I need to journal to relieve the bad energy or emotions. Other days, I want to capture exhilarating moments and write them down so I can look back on them forever. Thanks for an interesting question!

    • And thanks for sharing, Ramona. Each time I think about/write about/respond to this question, I feel I have said it all. And then someone else shares a new slant. I love your ‘capture exhilarating moments … SO I CAN LOOK BACK ON THEM FOREVER’ 🙂

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