gifts of this week

A wide-winged monarch skimming over head along my bike ride

A young fox cavorting in the early dusk meadow

A hummingbird hovering at eye level with me for prolonged moments

A spirit bear of Lake Champlain stone washed to my feet during my morning walk

A lingering sunset turning from soft pink to fuchsia to deep peach across the hour

A peach tree laden with ripening rosy fruit, after a decade without

Row upon row of leafing sprouts just two weeks post-sowing

A hunting hawk winging on the updraft of an August afternoon

Abundant blueberries again and again

A lunch with my children en route to vacation

two sistersMy sister safely moved and settled into her new home

A cool river breeze covering me with a night’s deep sleep

5 thoughts on “gifts of this week

  1. What a lot of blessings–it was like reading a happy meditation, and brought wonderful peacefulness to my heart and a smile to my lips–very happy for you 🙂

    • Thanks, Sara – I forgot the blue heron, it was so lovely just sitting on the rocks as I approached with my dog, planning to throw a stick for her to swim after. The heron flew to the other side of the inlet and watched us. It was shortly afterward that I found the stone spirit bear. An amazingly spiritual and calming set of experiences. Glad you got into it with me!

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