bo-ring … not!

o'keefe's famous painting of blackbird flying over snow-covered red hills

georgia o’keefe via wikipaintings

Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt asks writers and photographers to show dull, boring; in a word, ‘yawn.’ Since I am rarely bored, I thought it would be instructive to browse through the offerings and see what others named.

One theme running through a number of posts:  when things seem too slow to match the frantic pace by which they live, people admit to boredom. I was struck by the discomfort expressed in the presence of silence, waiting, or the need to slow down. While I can appreciate the clash of expectation and reality, those moments are ones I appreciate in a particularly rushed day. Those are the moments that allow me to stop, breathe, reflect. Whether in line or at the doctor’s office, I am free to just sit with my thoughts. Or people-watch.  Or offer a hand. Prompts, all.

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writer tell all



One of the things I most love about blogging (which by extension means ‘the blogging community’ both broadly and narrowly defined) is the layers of serendipity that emerge between/among individuals and themes. Take this blog hop, for instance, with its theme of ‘writers tell all.’ I have just been posting a few snippets about why women write – a particular passion of mine and the focus of my work-in-the-world.

And now the questions point squarely at me, thanks to Monica Frazer (who by the way has just joined the incredibly gracious, informative and connected WordPress family – congratulations!!!). According to the template of her invitation to me, I see two responses and a set of nominations in my immediate future:

Question 1: What are you working on? 

Two chapbooks of poetry: Turnings about the many cycles of release and return as inhabitants of the natural world; and Fruit and Seed: Digging in the Mother Garden, a collection decades in the making and finally blossoming forth this summer about mothering and its lack.

Release and launch of Hear Me, See Me: Incarcerated Women Write, an unedited anthology of the raw prose and poetry of Vermont’s incarcerated women with whom my partner and I write weekly. Our Burlington VT launch event is set for October 3; the book is currently available from the publisher, Orbis Books, and Amazon. Continue reading