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Today’s WordPress Daily Post Challenge poses the following questions: Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

As a writer and facilitator of writing groups in a variety of settings, I address ‘junk’ day in and day out. In its many manifestations. From cluttered space to the scattered mind.

At some level, we all have, are surrounded by and/or carry junk with us. Baggage from past relationships and experiences that keep us closed to new opportunities; fearful practices that keep us hidden; insecurities that hinder us from stepping into our full capabilities. And of course there’s material clutter – the kind that some find comforting and validating, others find downright offensive.

When we downsized from an expansive family home to our modest condo, we asked these two simple questions: do we love it? do we use it? You’d be amazed how quickly you can pare down the physical clutter with this heart test.

But what about other kinds of clutter? The best way I know to rid oneself of unwanted junk is to write it out – fast, free, to the point of emptiness. Julia Cameron in “The Artist’s Way” advocates ‘morning pages.’ The beauty of this kind of before-you-are-completely awake writing is that it is cathartic. Out comes the junk. And about a half hour into the spewing, out come the gems, the insights you never knew lived inside.

So those of you reading this who are interested in eliminating psychic junk from your days, your soul – consider writing it out. One day at a time. Incredibly – and wonderfully – you will fill with peace and expansiveness. And that’s not junk. That’s treasure.

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