tending my soul roots

Today, Parker Palmer posted the following observation from Thomas Merton on Facebook:

When we fall into the frenzy of overwork, we do violence to ourselves and kill “the root of inner wisdom which makes work fruitful.”

We need to expand our understanding of “violence”, a concept that goes well beyond doing physical harm. We do violence every time we violate, or fail to respect, our own or another person’s soul. Psychological and spiritual violence do as much harm in their way as bombs and bullets do in theirs.

Living nonviolently means more than “Thou shalt not kill.” It means, “Thou shalt not violate anyone’s soul”, including your own…

This week, I am living nonviolently. I am giving my soul a rest. I am tending my roots of inner wisdom.

8 thoughts on “tending my soul roots

  1. I can’t respond on your site, a password issue, but I am moved and applaud how you are taking of yourself and respecting yourself. My best to you and continue to nurture …….. Anne

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