2 thoughts on “leap of faith

  1. This was what going to jail was for me, my leap of faith. I returned from that leap; energized, hopeful and starting over. I had nothing left of the life I had stolen to achieve. I moved in with my parents, helped get my Mother diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, and began taking over her duties and her care. My children are grown and are doing well on their own. I did something right after all. Now I have to get my career as a writer off the ground. I write often but usually nothing of substance; beginnings of fiction stories that I never finish, extremely graphic love stories that have no beginning or ending, just the “good” scenes, and my journal, sporadic thoughts and feelings usually when I am feeling “in over my head”.

    • And now, Michele, you need to remember to bring a ‘leap of faith’ to your new life!!! Take one of the story starts, for example. Finish it! Trust that you can – because indeed you CAN. Set aside some time every day and chip, chip, chip away at it. The writing won’t happen in one great leap – but your belief in it and yourself can build with each sitting-down-to-write that produces more words toward the finished product. You CAN!!!

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