Today’s Daily Post Challenge: Describe the last time you were surprised by the intensity of a feeling you had about something, or were surprised at how strongly you reacted to something you thought wouldn’t be a big deal.

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Add to it: around midnight Monday, November 4, 2013 our publisher emailed Marybeth and myself: CHECK AMAZON.COM. NOW. At that time HEAR ME, SEE ME was ranked in the 6000’s for all books; and #1 in Political/Social Science – Women’s Studies – Women Writers. [Also #17 in Social Science – Criminology and #47 in Social Science – Gender Studies.]

Now THAT is intense. We are a mighty small operation – two of us. Running a weekly writing group that in four years has impacted over 200 women. Sixty of whose writings appear in the book. Most of that time as volunteers. Lately funded enough to cover expenses and a bit of our time. In Vermont. For women prisoners.

What did I expect? That family and friends would be supportive and excited. What did we get? National exposure. Strangers moved to donate to the program. Folks across the world sharing their awe at the courage of these women. And hopefully still more positive ‘customer reviews’ on Amazon (hint, hint!!) and reviews . . .

This. Is. Intense.

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