‘i’m not human, i’m sarah’

abstract painting of woman changing

credit – fania simon

This was my defense against older sibling taunting when I was  young. Although stomped through tears of dismay, defending my species against attack, it has turned out to be a remarkably solid pillar of my personal style.

First, I have been known to perform at a level that should burn me out. And eventually does. I have come to understand that as inhumane treatment of myself.

Second, I defy categorizing. I am unique. But I didn’t have the words back then. I’ve spent a worded life voicing my meaning.

And finally, as evidenced by my sporadic blogging: I cannot be ruled by such a thing as routine. I can neither do the same thing day in and day out, nor the same way. A recipe is just a suggestion. Getting from here to there an adventure in variety. Yet I have, for the past ten years, managed to hold regular writing groups on a schedule, even starting and ending pretty much on time … most of the time …

So, while it turns out I AM human, after all, I still defy definition.

Thanks to WordPress Daily Prompt what is your personal style? – for today’s inspiration.

14 thoughts on “‘i’m not human, i’m sarah’

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  5. Keep on defying definition Sarah!! Love your story and attitude. My stepdaughter used to call me “her Sara” which I always found endearing and adorable, much better than a “stepmother.” 😉

    • Yes, that’s a lovely name for you-in-her-life. My stepdaughter used to say she had three moms: her biological mom, her step-mom (he remarried again) and the mom of her heart (that was me)! Thanks for stopping by – and happy new year to you!

      • Aw, that gave me little goosebumps! So sweet–and funny coincidence, that’s what I call my stepdaughter–the daughter of my heart 🙂 Love is all around

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