headlining into the past

credit - rudylife

credit – rudylife

Know how little kids, in an attempt to wrest control from an uncertain world, cover their ears and taunt, “I’m not listening!!!” Often accompanied by a defiant stomp of the foot. Perhaps averted eyes. Definitely a stance of distance and refusal to engage.

Somehow this petulant image is what comes to mind before even reading the third headline on the New York Times front web page this morning. As if the justices, in refusing to hear Arizona’s appeal to revive the abortion law, were lined up in the classic ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ monkey trio of my youth.

But I also lived through the years of hard-won abortion rights – we called it a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. Just as the little kid and the justices choose not to hear. Only in this case, the choice sends women’s control over their bodies headlong into the past. Is ANYBODY listening???

Thanks to today’s WordPress Daily Prompt: to incorporate the third headline on the page of a preferred news source, in this case the New York Times, front page, into a post. It turned out to be “Justices Won’t Hear Arizona’s Appeal to Revive Abortion Law.”

13 thoughts on “headlining into the past

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  4. … and I’m ready to bet that the majority of the anti-abortion gang are men and/or religious zealots. It’s tiring for women to have to fight again and again to be in charge of their own wombs. There’s a wonderful inconsistency here for young people, too – the government won’t let teenagers allow kids to drive iunder the age of 18 without strict restrictions, but this law means they’d be happy for a fifteen year-old girl to take on the responsibility of being a parent because she can’t abort? Don’t get me started on this topic…

    • I hear you. I hesitated myself, considered playing with ‘revived’ and all its potential puns instead; then just decided to skim the surface and let all the stones sink. This isn’t the only place our laws make no sense – driving, drinking, age of consent, voting. It’s even more boggling to witness the criminal justice/mental health interface (read: lack thereof) and continue with your day trying to feel sane and normal. Thanks for weighing in. And try to have a calm day!

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