the new in the shell of the old

I love the concept of the new growing in the shell of the old. It’s the language of transformation. And the age-old reality of life. Which is what I’ve been focused on very intently for the past many months.

Full Circle Festival is just around the corner in Burlington VT, the first-ever festival to celebrate the heart and art of aging. We have an incredible line-up of dance, music, poetry, story-telling, art shows and talks, panel discussions, fitness, comedy, food demonstrations and interactive activities for the whole multi-generational family. Starting with one of my favorite poets, Naomi Shihab Nye giving the keynote on Friday night, April 11th.

While I have been gathering images, wise and witty sayings, and inspirational stories of creativity in the elderly (which, by the way, almost guarantees long and happy life, seriously!) to engender interest on the facebook page, I have noticed how all around me this simple perennial process is happening.

Yesterday, while staring idly out my kitchen window, I realized that the fat robin resting on the railing in the sun had just recycled the holiday berries lingering in the windowbox among fading greens and twigs. Making something new from the shell of the old!

I think of Gandhi who said/he might never have become
an activist for nonviolence/if the neighbor boys had not
beaten him up. – Naomi Shihab Nye, from ‘Communication Skills’ in  Honeybees

4 thoughts on “the new in the shell of the old

  1. sarahscapes I just wanted to tell you how much I always enjoy your meditative musing, but this piece in particular resonnates. Keep musing and sharing !

  2. I sure wish I could be there for the Full Circle Celebration. Recently I have been so much more aware of just how full my have has been, and is!

    • Well, you may have a chance to participate in the future, Lunastar! Cabot Cheese, one of the primary sponsors, has already starting to plan using this as a template for a national presence. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Meanwhile, if you’re curious to read about what’s going on (and perhaps find some inspiration in others’ art, writing, film, etc) check out the FullCircleFestival facebook page!!!

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