breaking silence

hats piled high

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Thanks once again to the Daily Post for today’s prompt about breaking silence. This is just the boost I needed to get blogging again. For my silence has been borne of too much noise.

How’s that, you wonder? The noise of change, wearing too many hats simultaneously, not saying out loud what’s going on, appearing to have retreated or worse – keeping a secret. The one thing I know about silence is this: when you don’t speak, others make things up. And often, the made-up is far worse than the actual.

So I speak. In the past month I have juggled so many hats, there’s hardly been time to wear any one of them. Leading up to Full Circle Festival in mid-April, it was planner, patron, presenter, publicist and participant. The post I dreamed to explain how one person can wear so many hats at once never saw the light of day. Continue reading