breaking silence

hats piled high

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Thanks once again to the Daily Post for today’s prompt about breaking silence. This is just the boost I needed to get blogging again. For my silence has been borne of too much noise.

How’s that, you wonder? The noise of change, wearing too many hats simultaneously, not saying out loud what’s going on, appearing to have retreated or worse – keeping a secret. The one thing I know about silence is this: when you don’t speak, others make things up. And often, the made-up is far worse than the actual.

So I speak. In the past month I have juggled so many hats, there’s hardly been time to wear any one of them. Leading up to Full Circle Festival in mid-April, it was planner, patron, presenter, publicist and participant. The post I dreamed to explain how one person can wear so many hats at once never saw the light of day.

This past fortnight, it’s been another set of hats, all of them about change: chaos, closing chapters and creating continuity . . . Quite suddenly, the seemingly innocent act of closing my writing studio,  distributing the furnishings and books of 600+ square feet’s worth of comfort and locating a new space in which to hold writing circles was overlaid with buying/selling condos. Quickly.

The buying side requiring a whole new set of hats: general contractor, tasteful decorator, landscape designer, recycler, thoughtful purchaser, investigator of new policies, inquirer of how to get things tended to . .  You get the picture. Through it all — and I am not through with any of it yet — I have yearned to write something, ANYthing, worth writing/reading.

Then today came this prompt. Silent no more. Sometimes we need a lil’ push to get over the hurdles of too-much activity that keeps us from speaking. Grateful, therefore, I put these few words into cyberspace and look forward to days more of wording my way through these many hat-wearing roles. Which will, and soon, bring me to greater quiet, calm and creativity.

8 thoughts on “breaking silence

  1. Total identification with your predicament! I just long for a never ending silence out of which one might find a springboard to new creativity. All the chatter is simply exhausting.

  2. Great post! Watching you over the last month conjures up the image of the circus performer juggling hats – sometimes landing one on your head, sometimes balancing one on your nose. Gracefully doing what ever it takes.

  3. How ironic, I’ve just been writing a piece about the importance of white space. Wynton Marsalis says that everything emanates from silence–that it holds infinite possibility. I think we greatly undervalue silence and space in our society. I’ve been quiet lately, but I see it like the iris. I’m just storing up strength for spring. Always lovely to hear your voice.

    • Oh, you KNOW I love silence, Jeannine! That’s where I live. But I made a pledge to do this blog and it’s been over a month since I posted an entry . . . needed some way back in!!! BTW I continue to be beyond astounded by your daily habit.

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