august blues

Last blue of summer

Last blue of summer

Today’s Daily Post prompt title, “August Blues,” took me in a direction quite different from the texted prompt that followed:

I’ve lingered and loved each
layered moment by the sea

and above all the single blue globe
that emerged post-zealous pruning
declaring its desire to grow  —

one buoyant ball
of cerulean blue waving
across the chimed breeze

proof, though I’ve cut back my work in the world,
there is yet much to show.



8 thoughts on “august blues

    • Thanks, Jennifer. Hydrangeas seem to speak to me lately – I’ve written a lot about them and my goodness, you should SEE all the photos! I love how they change colors during a single blooming time. Good to see you here, thanks for visiting.

  1. Pruning allows a plant (and us) to clear out the old and redirect our energy into new growth. I love your careful crafting of words to convey this – it is one of your hallmarks.

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