wording moment

source - dreamtime

source – dreamtime

Goodie, goodie – I LOVE words! Today’s WP Challenge is to make up and define a word.

I grew up in a family that routinely made up words. Or so I’ve come to find out as an adult. Over and over, in fact. My kids still call from time to time, puzzled. “But I was SURE splurch was a real word?” My youngest made up her own lexicon when she was first leaning to speak. ‘Brix’ for bread sticks; ‘MUCH-en better’ for that feeling of enormous relief; and my still-used-today favorite, ‘Hoppy Boppy.’

During an inside-prison writing group, I made up a bunch of words and asked the women gathered around the table to define them. THAT was fun. So much so, that I feel compelled to share my favorite here, complete with their definitions. And mine, italicized. Why don’t you add your own definition of this wording moment below?!

1.  a single sound, one noise, one sound, one band; makes me think of my drumming class, In Line Harmony
2.  singular sounds machine
3.  what you feel like when you’re on a Monday morning shift
4.  to think outside the box, or of social norms
5.  a soliloquy of mismangled syllables haphazardly strewn together by someone awakening from anesthesia. As in ooooo aaa uh foooee ooo.
6.  the endless repetition of a single sound
7.  the building in which one single sound is uttered

your turn!

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