holding dreams

How do we ‘hold dreams for others until they can hold them for themselves?’

I came across this question today from the Center for Courage and Renewal‘s newsletter, Words of EnCOURAGEment. And then read on to these fine words from Parker Palmer, found in his eternally inspiring book, The Courage to Teach:   

from Words of EnCOURAGEment


Isn’t that lovely? I got to thinking about this question of mentors. For as long as I can recall, I have mentored. From my first professional jobs in teaching hospitals, I was drawn to create a networking community to help women in healthcare management find their dreams. I helped them shape their resumes, present their passion and exchange job-searching tips and leads. And today, I mentor a number of previously incarcerated women now released into the community, helping them remember and strive to follow their dreams.

In between I have called myself midwife to other women’s voices. But truly, voice is a way of expressing those dreams; and midwifery, another form of mentorship. I invite you today to consider whom you might mentor into passion, voice, career, relationship; how you might hold the dream for another until s/he can do so on his/her own.

2 thoughts on “holding dreams

  1. I so much appreciate your image of midwife to other women’s voices. It helps me to understand my own role in facilitating writing circles for 5th grade girls and women. And also have felt the young bring me renewed life as I mentor and pass on the stories of our movement. Thank you Sarah.

    • It seems Parker Palmer always says it so well . . . remember reading The Courage to Teach at FLA? I’ve used so many of his writings over the years. And it all comes around to community – to connection – to listening – all those values we hold, model and depend on. Thank you Bonnie for your heartfelt response to my words. I love ‘seeing’ you here 🙂

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