‘the wonderful o’

a red 'o'

credit – reallylearnenglish

As a child, I loved the stories of James Thurber. One that kept me rolling in giggles was The Wonderful “O.”  The plot concerns an island subjected to the loss of the vowel ‘o.’ Not just a simple alphabet, dear reader — but an entire geographical place. This whimsical children’s book tells of “the harsh limits of a life sans O (where shoe is she and woe is we) … about two louts who attempt to lock up the language—and lose.” A linguist’s delight, for sure.

One can see straight off how the mind might speed to this tale upon reading the current DP challenge: to write a post using just 25 of the alphabet’s 26 letters. So how am I doing? What letter have I elected to avoid – other than ‘z’ and ‘x,’ which would be FAR too simple. Is it clear what letter I have, with intense intention, decided to work around? HINT: in so doing, I have also chosen to eschew adverbs, which are rife with this letter; and have changed a few words from the Amazon review to, um, adhere to the rules of the prompt.

your turn!

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