a serenity of sunsets

It’s the most wonderful feeling I know. Driving down the evening lane toward the tidal river at sunset. That’s when I know I’m home. Whether the drive was long distance or short, the feeling is the same. I’m home.

The variety and beauty of river sunsets cannot be overstated. Not only do you have the changing light above; you also have movement or its absence reflecting the light below. So many variables! Each one so different from the other! One of my favorite pastimes in the sloth of summer is sunset gazing. One after the other. All told, a serenity of sunsets.

4 thoughts on “a serenity of sunsets

  1. I love the serenity of sunsets ! … and the sloth of summer as well. This really is your home and I am so happy for you. It brings peace and contentment … and great inspiration for words to share with friends! You should sit by the river when it’s quiet and read your poetry book .. I’m tired, it’s 12:30 pm here .. and I forget the title though I know it well ! Enjoy a few sunsets before the wedding events take over — and well the big moment comes, do as someone said tonight — Enjoy the joy !

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