fall song

credit – alan nyiri

With the ‘official’ ending of summer – if not by weather or astronomy, then at least by the work calendar – we come to the end of the “Dog Days” collection. I have enjoyed the opportunity to share in-progress works with you and appreciated your comments. Perhaps someday these little ditties will appear in print as part of a longer collection.

For now, please enjoy my last offering and let your own autumn season be a lingering and languorous opening to what wants to fall away.


On the rise of wind she sniffs
nose a-twitch on unseen trail,
leaps lithe in frosty air, shadow dance
on leaves that crunch crisp
beneath my feet – near silent
under hers

earthbound, yet my spirit soars
with her neon orange neck agleam
in swirling circles, entire
tree fall tumbling, twirling
as she runs, returns, fleet and frisky,
eager for each new breath; as if to swallow
autumn whole, she glides, gallops
points, returns, effortless in endless work
of play in mid-autumn woods

midway between summer’s light
and winter’s dark, this late afternoon
glow of setting sun settling
into calmer pace, one she’s not yet
set to receive, reveling instead
in youthful vigor and delight
in autumn’s edging amber light.


4 thoughts on “fall song

  1. Quite a collection you have, even if they aren’t all new. I hope you can pull them together and find a publisher.

    Did I already say how good it was to see you yesterday ? Nice to relax with you and catch up.

    Keep in touch. I hope you can make the poetry reading, though I don’t know what I am reading yet …

    See you then, A.

    • Thanks, Anne. I am beginning think of this as a potential collection – largely due to your continued(ing) insistence that it might, indeed, be one! As always, I appreciate the nudge and will be sure to let you know what/if anything comes of it!

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