spin – part 2

silent scream

touchdrawing by deborah koff-chapin

When I posted ‘spin – part 1 ,’ I had a long series in mind. In the days (weeks now) since, I have instead experienced a painful staunching of the throat. So filled with outrage at the sticky threads of injustice and untruth in the current political sphere (I cannot bring myself to say ‘discourse,’ though I long for it), my words have literally stuck in my throat. My hands are of no use. Everywhere I turn, I feel cliche. “Nice guys finish last.” “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” “What you don’t know, you make up.”

And I’m left holding so much inside that I cannot possibly express it all. Not in a lifetime. More to the point, I want so very desperately to DO something about all the silencing. For me, that’s what it comes down to.

One man’s spin is another’s silencing.

Images flood through me. From personal experience. From history. From popular culture… Marketers and mongers move messages. The hard workers, the deep thinkers, the ethical humanitarians, those motivated by compassion, truth and authenticity, those who understand that we are connected in this being human that we share – theirs are not the voices in the ‘news’ or the media. Meaning, it seems, is not a prime time value.

And why not? Because what actually needs to be done is not popular. Because the values that create change hold no commercial cache. Because some one needs to hold our world together while the angry ones rave. Because some of us would rather work on solving the long list of real issues facing us – ALL of us – rather than fomenting trumped-up fear by spinning the world around their own exaggerated axis.

5 thoughts on “spin – part 2

  1. Bravo Sarah. I have reblogged and shared on Fb but having done that would prefer to sit you by my fire and share a brandy, just to remember that friendship matters, and outrage is legitimate however muzzled by excess! What else is there?

    • Oh, Philippa – we are kindred souls indeed! Brandy, fire, friendship, legitimization . . .thank you and thank you. Sadly we’re not at the end of this yet. Promises to be The Most Painful 9-month gestation EVER. 😦

      • It looks scarcely credible from here Sarah! But we have our own variant of the equally incredible. So all we can do is reach those who see and acknowledge it. Feel both for and ‘with’ you.

      • Thank you, Philippa. It’s scarcely credible from close up, as well, I can assure you!!! It’s so good to know those of us who see what’s happening are not entirely alone.

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