mer 14 coverThe Mom Egg Review issue on “Change” is now out. At least one reader has this to say about the collection:

 “..(H)ere I am, having read every word in a 3-day Mom Egg marathon.  It is a wonderful book, impressive in the scope and depth and honesty of the work presented. The poetry is particularly strong and leaves one feeling richer knowing that there are a lot of people out there who sift and ponder and construct meaning as they drive to work and fold the sheets and feed the kids. There is beauty in tending life, and you have managed to capture it and present it to the world.”–Patrice Boyer Claeys

I am honored to have a poem of mine included in this themed edition. The journal publishes writing by mothers, and if anything spells “MOTHER” it is the ability to adapt and change. Which is what makes this issue so interesting – seeing the many, many ways ‘change’ is interpreted, understood and represented through the mother filter.

As a further example of change, the poem as accepted (below) has already undergone several significant changes and may appear elsewhere in altered form, even under changed title. Thus is the nature of mothering, and the recording of same.


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Unabashedly abundant, new growth clematis
spills across the river-side railing, sprouts
up through decking cracks, climbs and twists
tight tendrils about trellis and feeder, purple
flags aflutter effusively eclipsing

worn-to-shreds strips of sturdy old vine
holding steady yet, weathered
from years of climbing, carrying on
the singular task of stringing sturdy structures
to root offshoots in the rich soil of home.

This intertwined tangle my dream of family
extended: roots sunk and shoots sprung
from the richness within, weathered fore-vines
supporting the new finding their own way
out, up and ahead.





Ironic, this morning’s Daily Post one-word prompt. I’ve been engaged in a series of writings on the word ‘spin’ – as in …. (fill in your own association) – and have just gotten to the part where I’m going to address the other kind of spinning, as in weaving us together and whole.

So what better time – the time between spin and weave – to dive into divide. For a Great Divide is indeed what we are experiencing in this country today. Whichever side you might stand on (and it’s hard to believe you aren’t aware of being on one side or the other, thanks to the new battlecry ‘if you aren’t with me, you must be against me’ – there is no room for middlers anymore), it looks mighty bleak.

Because you see, dear reader, life simply is not black or white. It’s black, AND white, AND grey, AND a whole wild and vibrant spectrum that might seem inconvenient in a pure black-and-white decorating scheme.

But here’s the interesting thing: color complements black-and-white quite nicely. Softens the starkness. Offers life and contrast. Provides material for conversation. Permits choice. Allows opinions to be shared. Lets us be the variety we are. Rather than forcing us into one side or the other of an ever-widening abyss of narrow thinking, limited options and extreme actions. Yes, divided is a pretty bleak place to be.

‘change’ issue of MER

mer 14 cover

“Happy Breastfish” by Sally Deskins

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to let you know that my work is being featured in the latest issue of Mom Egg Review.

Mom Egg Review Vol. 14 “Change” is a unique literary collection about motherhood focusing on change. It contains short fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction by the best mother writers from around the world, and by others, writing about motherhood as it intersects with change, global and local.

You can read more about MER and find additional features, book reviews, interviews, submissions info and more here.

The issue launches this April, but copies are available now. As a contributor, I can invite friends and family to purchase copies at a discounted MER Community rate of $15 (cover price is $18). Click here for more info or if you would like order a copy for yourself or as a gift.

All the best,

PS There will be a launch reading in New York City on Sunday April 24. I look forward to meeting other contributors to this issue and to sharing my work aloud. Be sure to let me know if you will attend so I can say hello and thank-you!