positive-mental-health-quoteshealth-benefits-of-exercise-and-positive-attitude-oisdfmj0Today’s WP Daily Post Challenge has me once again free-associating … “healthy, wealthy and wise.”  And really, these words do belong together; though not necessarily connected to early to bed and early to rise, and most certainly not in the over-used implication of worldly success.

Having spent a lifetime thinking, talking, plotting and occasionally even attempting to ‘be healthy,’ I feel more than qualified on the subject. (!) But I’m not going to go there, because in the end – just like parenting – it’s about what feels right, what serves you best. Prescriptions for exercising X times per week will fall quickly to the X’d out. Proscriptions against eating certain foods will almost surely result in incurable cravings. Overdoing anything, in either direction, will bring the entire endeavor to a screeching halt; the scale will not waver, willpower and progress will cease. As my wise dad always said, moderation makes things come out right.

It’s not the details of hours, weights, calories, miles or charts that get you there. Because ‘there’ is not a goal, but a lived process of daily choice. It’s the internal Attitude of Health that matters – openness, compassion, accepance. The choice to love. Standing vulnerably in the middle of our shared human failty.  Seeing possibility. From this deep and pervasive attitude arises health itself. Therein lie both the wisdom and the wealth of being healthy.

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    • You know, Susan – at heart I keep thinking of public discourse and this fundamental attitude of well-being; health; compassion, open-heartedness, call it what you will. All the hatred and narrow-mindedness put forth is a form of poison; and likewise, all the goodwill we put forth is a form of healing/health. If we could just right the balance … thanks for stopping by.

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