grain – not!


credit – yurielkaim

I love the coincidences of these Dailiy Post one-word prompts. Just this very morning I made, for my friend-with-the-broken-wrist who is staying with me, some comfort food. Buckwheat pancakes. With my usual a-recipe-is-only-a-suggestion wantonness, adding banana and yogurt to approximate the suggested buttermilk; nutmeg because of the banana; and omitting the scant sugar, again because of banana.

While we were exclaiming over the tasty nuttiness and general comfy-feeling-makingness of these modest morning delights, we pondered – just what IS buckwheat, anyway?

Buckwheat, it turns out, is the seed of a plant called “fagopyrum esculentum.” It’s related to rhubarb, or all things (which might explain my apparently-innate fondness for it – my dad and I were the only takers of the abundant perennial patch behind my childhood home, doubtless a carryover from the war garden). Not wheat, not rye, not barley. Furthermore, despite the name, buckwheat is gluten-free. Still better, it is a high quality plant protein extremely rich in antioxidants, minerals, and soluble dietary fiber.

What’s not to love? And all this, NOT being a grain!!!

6 thoughts on “grain – not!

  1. I would love a recipe. Unfortunately, I do not B have your luck with recipe is a suggestion…;-)
    I really admire people who do. And thank you for the info. I love plants.

    • Well, Sara – since you are so wonderful about coming by here … this is the buckwheat pancake recipe as I found it originally:
      1 c buckwheat flour (I buy the unfrosted (milder flavor) buckwheat groats and just whir it to flour in my coffee grinder)
      1 TPBS sugar (eliminated altogether when using banana as part of the liquid)
      1 tsp each baking powder and baking soda
      1/4 tsp salt
      1 c buttermilk (I use 1-1/4 c thinned yogurt)
      1 large egg
      1/2 tsp vanilla (I tend to slip in a bit more…)

      That’s it! Easy to prepare and easy to eat. Enjoy – and let me know if you venture into any variations of your own 🙂

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