I love it – yesterday’s Daily Prompt Challenge word was NONE. For one obvious thing, my writing output yesterday was … NONE. For another, NONE could summarize my presence here during the month of April. That’s about where it ends. For NONE could NOT summarize my activity over the past several weeks since my last post, ‘An Ordinary Day.’

I know I have a pass of the most compassionate kind. April was the month that ended with the interment of my sister’s ashes and the formal memorial service that celebrated her life. Which therefore means, the month that led up to those events filled with details and lots of communication back and forth among us four major planners.

None would have been more delighted than my sister herself at the results of all those weeks. It was a bursting-with-warmth-and-blossoms spring day. The entire extended family was in attendance – including grandchildren, grand-nieces and -nephews, and even the newest puppy among us. She would especially have loved that.

And none would be loved the choices of readings, music, food and pictures more. None would more have appreciated the convergence of classmates from high school, neighbors from our childhood, caretaker and clergy from her far-distant most recent three years. Above all, none will ever forget her.

16 thoughts on “none

  1. I lost my sister (my one and only sibling) a little over a year ago. A year or two before that, we had begun reconnecting after years apart. I do not like to think about how I would feel now, if we had not done so before it was too late. The moral of the story, I think, is to accept each other’s differences because, after all, we are all more or less different, and it is folly not to understand that.

    • You are so right – accepting difference is the key to so much. Very sorry for your loss AND glad for you that you two found connection before too late. That was our story, as well. So much estrangement over so many decades. Grateful for time given, maybe the more so for so much time lost. Gratitude also for your visit to my site and your comment. Thank you.

    • So grateful for your read, receptivity and response, Diana. In fact, sitting with her in her last weeks was such a profoundly moving experience that it produced a full-length poetry collection. Under review now and I’ll be sure to let you know if it gets accepted somewhere. Such a complicated and critical relationship in my life … I truly appreciate your feedback.

    • Isn’t that right, Philippa! I love using other people’s family photos as writing prompts. Would love to see what you do with this one – such a fine start: ‘mellow, tempered, none more skillfully adapted….’ 🙂

    • Ha, Shelley – love wordplay! I have a feeling we are going to enjoy reading one anothers’ words over time. Hooray for WP 🙂 AND thank you for your kind words.

    • Right, Shari? Isn’t it sad how some enduring truths like that one have become mere cliches in our language… but there it is. And there you are! Thanks for stopping by.

      • Ah, Shari – something to look forward to! I’m still basking in the sweetness of our within-the-past-couple-of-years reconciliation. Hard to imagine it becoming sweeter still … but I do know it will. Thanks for stopping by!

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