new poem acceptance

Dos Gatos Press is releasing its third POETRY OF THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST anthology early in 2018. Each poem in this new collection is precisely 100 words long. And they accepted my “Lonesome Boy-Cow,” inspired by our spring trip to Taos and a breath-taking sunset drive toward the mountains.

In accepting the poem, one of the editors wrote: “Sarah, we LOVE THE DESERT SCENE HERE.’

Moreover, following a brief interaction resulting in a modest tweak of the title and one word, he wrote “It is such a pleasure to work with writers who don’t get defensive (and aggressive) with an editor.”

Gotta say, I don’t generally get this kind of feedback from editors. You can imagine I was equally appreciative in my responses. A feel-good day all around.

6 thoughts on “new poem acceptance

    • Oh my, yes, it has been a L-O-N-G time, Philippa! Been working the summer away on a memoir I’m helping a friend pull together. Something of a tight deadline and LOTS of material to gather, many obstacles along with way. But closure is within grasp; and with it, I hope, a feeling that I might return to my own words again. Meanwhile, I do have three upcoming joint readings with a sister poet whose FinishingLinePress collection came out just before my most recent one. So that’s something … keeping me grounded in my own words for a bit … Hoping you are well!

    • Thank you, Anne. Not only was this a lovely surprise – acceptance to correspondence – but it was the quickest turn-around EVER. Wish I had more to say, in poem, about the American Southwest – which I do love – in the event of a future opportunity!!!

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