Five Poems for my Late Husband

pier 1It seems I haven’t posted anything for 16 months. Sounds about right, that being the approximate period of the final slide of my beloved husband’s physical health toward the end. So it seems fitting that what I post today is a selection of the poems I’ve been working on in that time. They are part of a larger collection I am hoping to complete and publish in the near future. Whatever that actually means today… But my intention remains clear.

If you are dealing with your own loss – or struggling to help a loved one through tough illness – or just looking for some serious love poems, these may be what you need today. In any case, I appreciate your time and attention to them; and as always, welcome your comments, responses, associations and stories.

8 thoughts on “Five Poems for my Late Husband

  1. Sarah you have laid love onto the page with such searing honesty it is almost breath-taking. A tribute as much to that as to your husband whose own honesty is equally revealed in lovely details. I am so sorry for your pain and loss but from them you have created his immortality and that of your love for him, your joy when it was shared.

    Such a salutation at this time is doubly precious. Thank you for your courage. Stay well. Hold virtual hands?

    • Philippa, your words knock me right over … thank you, friend, for your generous heartfelt reading of my few words. I’ll hold your virtual hand with gratitude for you! For the first time in our lives, the ‘all in this together’ carries significance so huge it can not yet be fully grasped. So we garden, write, walk, sing, and watch others via shows, movies, live online podcasts … what an abundant outpouring of generosity from artists the world over! Please take good care of yourself. And again, thank you for visiting here.

      • It’s not often a week is redeemed before it begins- especially now! Your poems did reach Heineken depths in me first thing this morning, and through them I feel I know you so much more fully. They are truly wonderful Sarah. You were much blessed in one another. That kind of marriage is rare- and I loved the dancing. Mixed with loss must be some celebration and gratitude.

        Yes. Humanity might have been newly awakened. There are signs of that ( and yes, also the other!)

  2. Oh Dear Sarah, my heart breaks with you and the loss of your beloved husband. I had no idea you were on this journey of grief. The poems you wrote are so clear, touching, beautiful, a testament of your love with your life partner. I will keep you in heart and prayer. I’m glad you’ve been able to put your experiences in to words. Sending love. Bonnie

    • Thank you, Bonnie, for your kind words of compassion. It was a long haul; and has been an oddly full ten months since he passed. I expect the impact to be greater in Year 2; but for now, am grateful for time and space in which to process, reflect and of course create. I do hope you are well and finding ways to stay safe and calm amid this odd new reality of ours. In gratitude, Sarah

  3. Sarah — your poems about Jim are beautiful. I’m so sorry for your loss. He is truly missed.

    With love, Meryl

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