third time’s a charm


This image pretty much says it all: twelve poems in twelve hours. Third time around. Completed all 12 each time. Now the question is: are any of them worthy of the light of day? We’ll see over the coming period of time …

Meanwhile, may I also congratulate my fellow poets who did either the Half Marathon (12 poems in 12 hours) or the Full Marathon (24 poems in 24 hours). It is a tribute to stamina, creativity, and poetic determination. We persisted!!!

2 thoughts on “third time’s a charm

  1. Gosh, can’t imagine writing poems at that speed. Rarely does a poem drop into being in an instant. I might work for days on a haiku, which can feel like an archaeological dig 🙂

    • Well, now – no one said they are GOOD poems!!! They are prompted and limited attempts. If you decide to include some of them in the group anthology, you also have the opportunity to edit, revise, rework. Some years the prompts seem to flow right along and you find yourself working a theme (as I did last year – many of those have gone on to become ‘real’). Other years – like this – they are just a random collection, a kind of exercise in disciplined process rather than any true product. But it is for sure a novel experience!

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