solstice 2020

photo by Jim Hester

Beyond our windowed views
long dark shadows root
stark silhouettes

that would devour
memory of shared truth, hands held
in compassion or help.

May we emerge
from this darkness,
possibility spilling

across the shattered shards
of before,
scattering shadow

as hope shimmers
within sight
once more.


8 thoughts on “solstice 2020

  1. hope, so necessary to life, elusive in the darkness where fears dwell. can emerge once we have light enough to see its glimmer.
    mirage or not, it keeps us walking forward

  2. Such needed encouragement as we enter the darkness of winter in the middle of the pandemic. There is light at the end of both these phases but so much to go through until we emerge. Love and support will maintain that hope of light. Thank you, Sarah.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Mary! Solstice feels more important to celebrate this year than ever before in my lifetime. Glad it speaks to you as well. Looking forward to more celebrating with you shortly.

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