latest review of a poetry chapbook

Diane's chapbook is now available from Kelsay Books

I continue to love reading and reviewing new poetry collections. As Mary Oliver wrote, “you never know where a sentence will lead,” I find all kinds of new ideas, unexpected connections, even familiar tales retold in language ranging from comforting to startling – and everything in between. And this latest collection, titled “Coronary Truth” by Diane Elayne Dees is no exception. The review, as most of the others I do these days, is posted on MomEggReview.

2 thoughts on “latest review of a poetry chapbook

  1. I want to read this collection of poetry! Which speaks not only to the allure of the poet and her work, but to the insight and deep understand of the reviewer. Sarah, your true gift lies in the way you read between lines, the way you hear small, still voices and feel the palpitations of heartbeats. And then, of course, how you are able to make all of that accessible to your readers. You are more than the sum of your parts, and I am richer when I sit at your feet, listen and learn.

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