red umbrella

Photo by Ukrainian Nadia Povalinska. Taken days before the Russian invasion.
Sweet shield from snow.
Peace prevails. Quiet comforts.
Cold air on young skin. Crunch of packed snow
speaks sled rides, group strolls. A people attuned 
to time and place. Hidden, their fierce resolve
to defend the Motherland, deep-rooted 
union of land and people. A concept 
we can admire but no way grasp,
the discord among us too vast.


4 thoughts on “red umbrella

  1. Hi Sara, I was also inspired by Nadia’s photograph as posted on Heather Cox Richardson’s “Letters From An American” blog. The photo, along with photos by Heather, Buddy Poland, and Eva Pontrelli informed my music video “My One And Only Love”. YouTube link:

    • Thank you for visiting, and for sharing the link to your music. Just lovely! I was also taken by the final photo you used, the b/w lighted winter park scene. Reminded me of Commonwealth Ave in Boston. I may have also written something to that … Fun to see different ways the same art inspires response!

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