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my husband’s favorite picture of me – a pensive moment during a morning dog-walk

Ask me about my work, and I’ll have a hard time stopping at the basics: I am owner/director of Women Writing for (a) Change – Vermont, a creative writing project that empowers young and adult women’s voices and celebrates change in their lives and their worlds. In the ten years I’ve been doing this work, I have been blessed with many opportunities to share our writing practices and help midwife the words of a wide spectrum of women: both young and adult women in the core classes; those seeking to send their words out into the world; women with the courage to leave abusive relationships; incarcerated women; those healing from illness; and more. While my professional work is my passion, it is not my heart.

Watch me romping with my dog Loki along the familiar shoreline of Cherry and Webb beach in Westport, Massachusetts [summer home for each and every year of my children’s growing up and out of the nest]; or hike Vermont’s Mt. Mansfield with me in any season [and welcome to my year-round home in one of the nation’s most liveable states]; or sneak a peek at me dancing with my devoted husband Jim [rhumba, salsa, waltz — we do it all!]; or enjoy a fruit-rich glass of a garnet-ruby Malbec blend  and conversation while I prepare us a tasty Indian curry or fresh plum zwetschgendatschi . . . and you’ll learn more about me than I’d ever be able to put into words.

28 thoughts on “brief bio

  1. I can always trust Philippa Rees to lead me to interesting people. As I read more here, I came upon … zwetschgendatschi … and was entirely enchanted. Though I avoid gluten, when I come upon this favourtite, deep blue and juice cake, with Schlagsahne, I’ll sin. And I’ll love anyone who loves zwetschgendatschi 🙂

    • OH, no need to sin, Ashen! I make it every August, gluten-free. As I do my annual December Linzertorte. I could not survive without my Bavarian delicacies!!! And honestly? they taste just the same!!!

    • You are entirely welcome, Deb – and thanks to the League for giving me the opportunity. In case you couldn’t tell(!) I’m mighty passionate about this work and love to bring others into the magic.

    • Thank you, Jim. I was nominated some time back – although the badge seems to have changed – I am not clear about accepting/receiving it for a second time? That said, I have enjoyed reading both your own questions and the responses you wrote to those posed to you. What a lovely way to receive a ‘personal invitation’ to new blogs. And thanks for your kind words about all of your nominees. I’ll visit your site again soon.

  2. Hello, Sarah! Thank you for visiting my blog – I am delighted to have found yours. I’m a self-confessed writing addict who totes a camera around everywhere with her. I’m going to have a good sniff around, if I may. I was particularly grabbed by your work in prisons. Well done you, it’s a brilliant initiative! I will send the link for your blog to my father, who is part of an association working in prisons in the UK. They work towards literacy and use books to keep the contact between prisoners and their children whilst parents are in jail.

  3. I’m coming to you from Poetic Asides today, Sarah…I love your prompts, thank you!!

    You’re the first of prompt givers that I’d ventured out to meet personally…I felt drawn to and now I see why…your work poetry and otherwise is amazing, Sarah, so inspiring.

    Your poetic voice carries such a healing tone…I felt moved and comforted by your words in the last three poetry pieces that you’ve posted here.

    Your friend with the silk sounds so intriguing…I wish I’d known of her when I was purchasing my first veil for belly-dancing classes that I attend…it would have been neat to have a silk that was so special…the next time I purchase I’m going to look her up…her work is amazing, too!

    Well, I’m glad to have met you…your words…I’ve been posting links to PA all month and a few comments when I can…I’m a stay at home mama-writer and I’m almost your neighbor-in Maine!

    Peace to you~ Hannah

    • Thanks so much, Hannah, for your very kind words. I am most honored by your venturing into my landscape; and grateful for your heartfelt response to my work. ‘Healing . . . moved . . . comforted.’ These are becoming my poetic path through a tangled and tortured world. Gratitudes for the mirroring. And for the visit. You’ll be seeing me around your pages!

  4. It gets more and more professional every time I visit! Thanks for past help, hope you have received all communications! Love the customised fonts, colours and photograph (of you as well)
    I have added posts and pages but yet to really master navigation….still travelling hopefully…P

    • Thanks, Phillipa. Can’t tell whether I’ve received communications from you – my last post was over 10,000 characters (according to LI) and allowed only 7K. So I stripped away at it ’til it seemed OK. But when I tried to send a quick follow-up, what showed up was the same numbers, as if that post never got to you. Anyway, I hope you’ve found the ‘support’ site with many well-written guides to any aspect of WP you can imagine! SB

  5. So glad I stopped by, Sarah! I just discovered your blog on Lara’s annotated blogroll this week. It’s been so much fun meeting all the MNINB’ers this way.

    Kudos to you for helping women write. It’s a noble calling and I wish you all the best.


    • Good to ‘see’ you here, Erin. Thank you for your kind words. I consider my work a kind of midwifery. As Louise deSalvo says in Writing as a Way of Healing: “It’s not what you produce as you write that matters. It’s who you become as you write that matters.” Of course, each story birthed is another new life with its own personality and unique characteristics. That’s awesome, too. But not as much as the journey itself.

  6. I don’t want to just know you. I aspire to be you…or at least the “me” version of it. You are living all of my fantasies. Thank you so much for showing that it can be reality.

    • Wow, Lara. I was thinking about your ‘reviewing’ my blog and wondering whether I was far enough along to have conveyed any sense at all of where I want to go. Apparently so! Many thanks for your kind words and especially, for your gathering the pack in such a loving and generous way.

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