the nature of writing life

You have likely already discovered the pun in the title I chose for this blog, in which I write about nature, the nature of life, and the nature of a life of writing. My original intention was to post three times per week. “Sunday Sarahnades” offers poems reflecting my connection with the natural world as well as the natural connections of family. “Wise Words” is Wednesday’s offering which will range from lessons learned across two decades of work with Women Writing for (a) Change to current writerly issues. In “Con Fem Fridays” I will raise a variety of issues about conscious leadership and writing, again drawing on my training and work in the world.

Instead, as you will see, this blog has taken on its own life form. In the years since I started it, I have joined several online blogging communities, WordPress being the one in which I am most active. As a result, I often respond to the Daily Post or Weekly Photo Challenges. My posting has become far more random, my subjects more diverse. And yet it all ties together in the most organic of ways: for this is precisely the nature of life, lived, writing and otherwise.

Through this site I am creating a container to hold my words out to you. In return, I ask you to respond and interact as you feel moved. And thank you so much for visiting!

2 thoughts on “the nature of writing life

  1. I stumbled upon your site while enmeshed in the dreadful business of setting up an author page on facebook. This is a stunning site visually as well as organizationally. I’ll be a frequent visitor – thank you!

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