latest review of a poetry chapbook


Diane's chapbook is now available from Kelsay Books

I continue to love reading and reviewing new poetry collections. As Mary Oliver wrote, “you never know where a sentence will lead,” I find all kinds of new ideas, unexpected connections, even familiar tales retold in language ranging from comforting to startling – and everything in between. And this latest collection, titled “Coronary Truth” by Diane Elayne Dees is no exception. The review, as most of the others I do these days, is posted on MomEggReview.

new book review


It’s summer, and that means reviewing poetry collections for Mom Egg Review! The most recent review – We Became Summer, by Amy Barone – is now up.

It turns out that 750 words is not much when it comes to a thorough analysis of or even simple response to a full-length collection of poems. But if it is enough to help readers filter through the many options to match their interests to the offerings, then it is a job well-done.

‘small like a tooth’

toothcover_1024x1024My third and most recent review of a collection of poems just up at the Mom Egg Review. What a fun way to experience new work and at the same time, utilize the practices of my life-long work with Women Writing for (a) Change by offering read-back lines to the public!

One of the things I most enjoy is figuring out why a particular title was chosen; and looking for the theme throughout the pieces that invited them into that particular collection. What I get from the collection and its grouping may have nothing at all to do with what the author intended. But isn’t that part of the point? To touch one another’s experience through the universality of one aspect, expressed in the particulars of our own?

I am grateful to the Mom Egg Review for offering this opportunity. Already I have met a number of outstanding poets and gained the privilege of calling some of them friend and colleague as a result.